Saturday, January 24, 2015

Even the moon was smiling

Brandon is 8yrs old! 8 years old. 8.

And how to you celebrate being 8 years old? By making a Kit Kat cake topped with mini M&M's. A chocolate cake with whipped cream icing smothered in candy. Holy cow was that one sweet treat!

Nathan was just as excited as Brandon. Nathan spent his own money on Brandon's birthday gift. Brandon really wanted a watch that was not digital. You know, since he was turning 8 years old, he needed a big kid watch. So, Nathan went shopping and found a really cool Superman watch for his little bro.

 Brandon had a pretty awesome day. He felt special and loved and that's all I can ask.
Later that night I stepped outside to look at the moon and it was smiling. I grabbed the kids and told Brandon that the moon was even happy it was his birthday. A huge orange crescent moon was smiling in the sky. We all thought that was the perfect end to a special day.

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