Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Crabby and Merry Christmas too!

Nathan is finally 8yrs old. Wow that took forever...according to him. He spent his birthday playing video games and eating pizza. He loves going to the arcade with his dad and uncle's. He's just one of the guys with them, not a kid but an equal. He loves that so much.
He was also Mr.Crabby in the school play. I was so proud of my little thespian. He's a total ham so this acting stuff is right up his alley. He got to stomp around the stage, shake his cane and look crabby (hence the name Mr.Crabby). He did really well, no stage fright, no jitters, just having fun and eating up the spot light.

We also got to go see Santa at the mall before Christmas came. While we were standing in line I took a couple of silly pictures of the boys. The one below is Brandons favorite of himself. You can almost see his horns poking through the hair. But once he got on Santa Claus' lap he was a pure angle. Speaking in a soft sweet voice asking for his dancing Mickey Mouse. Santa asked the boys if they had been good all year long and they both looked at me like "oh crap, what do we say now?" Santa laughed and said he'd be watching.

So Santa came, ate all his cookies, drank all his milk and left some toys and candy for the boys. Samson even got an extra treat on Christmas morning. I think he looks like Rudolph's long lost cousin. He leaves messes in the back yard like he's part moose though.

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