Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rockin' Out

Loud music, macaroni and cheese, kool-aid and dancing make Brandon throw up. And now you know, as do I, to never let him rock out on a full tummy.
On a more pleasant note, Nathan finished all of his Valentine cards for his class this afternoon. He can't wait for their party on Friday. Me either, I'm volunteering in the class that day. It is so fun to go to school with him. It's bittersweet though. It's fun to see him interact with his friends and it's nice to see how well he listens to his teacher. Then I realize that he doesn't need me to hold his hand every second of the day anymore. Ooh that hurts.
Also, Nathan was awarded the "Be your best" award for being respectful in class last week. And as his reward his teacher gave him a certificate for an ice cream cone.
Rock on little man!

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