Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still here

I'm writing to you from a remote location. We need to be very quiet. There are wild animals lurking around every corner and crazy natives watching me closely.
I'm joking. I'm down at my parents. I guess there are wild animals, Nathan, Brandon and Skeeter (my parents dog) and the crazy natives...I'll give you two guesses who that could be!
Sorry I haven't written too much lately. Brian "fixed" our computer last week so on his days off this week we will be purchasing a new one. He tried and usually whatever he tries to fix actually works, but this time things just didn't go like he had planned out in his head.
Not much has happened this week. Nathan went to school, Brandon played, Brian worked and I ate bon bons and watched my stories on tv (I wish).
I'll be back as soon as we get a new computer.
The picture is when Nathan got in trouble and had to stand in the corner. Brandon has to do what his big brother does so he stood there with him the entire time.

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