Friday, April 30, 2010

Thanks Papaw!

This past week has been kind of nice and it also kind of sucked.
Brian had rifle training and had to work day shift hours. That man hates getting up early. But now he is the proud owner of some sort of rifle that will give him an edge over the bad guys on the streets. (Atleast that's what I keep telling myself). But since Brian had to work days, I had to work evenings. It was really nice not getting up at 5am but I missed the kiddo's during the evenings.
My dad watched the kids for us during the overlapping hours that Brian and I were at work.
According to my dad, Brandon is physically and mentally exhausting! HA! Tell me something I didn't already know! Nathan was pretty much on his best behavior and kept Brandon in line. Every time Brandon would try to talk my dad into something he isn't suppose to have, Nathan would speak up..."Brandon's not allowed to do that/have that/touch that." Brandon would wrinkle his nose up and glare at Nathan. Nathan is my little mother hen when I'm not around. It really ticks Brandon off.
Today's my last day working evenings. Next week it's back to getting up before the birds but I get to come home and play with the kids all night long. We get to do homework together, eat dinner together, play games together, read books together. We'll be together. I've missed them so much.

Thanks for watching the kids for us dad. They had a blast!

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