Friday, December 4, 2009

Busy, busy bumble bee

I love having a purposeful day. Yesterday was one of those days. Bright and early I woke up before children stirred in their warm blankets. I packed a field trip brown paper bag lunch for Nathan and an extra one for Brandon even though he couldn't go. They decorated their bags the night before with stickers and markers. Nathan even swiped Samson on the butt with a green marker. He looked like he belonged on the Fruit Stripes bubble gum wrapper.
I let the dogs out before their bladders burst then got all fancied up for an interview. Painted my face and put on something other than raggedy jeans and a stained t-shirt. I woke the boys up, got them dressed and packed Nathan's book bag. Brian finally got up to finish the morning off with toaster strudels and o.j. I bounded out the door after many hugs and kisses. I haven't had a ''morning drive to work'' in a very long time. One forgets how frustrating traffic can be when the only place you go in the morning is less than a mile from your home. I arrived to my future place of employment and met my future boss (hopefully), went through a very good interview and walked out of there with a little spring in my step.
Next on my list...field trip. I met up with Nathan's class at the Children's Museum and played for the next four hours. I love watching kids explore and discover. What is better than watching a child's imagination flourish?
After watching the kids load back onto cold yellow school buses, I headed home to my other two guys. Stopped to get us some Korean food, dropped it off at home so Brian could get it ready for the boys, and picked up Nathan from school. After dinner, Nathan, Brandon and I snuggled on the couch for a quick little power nap and then we were refreshed for the rest of the evening to play, read and watch cartoons.
Yesterday was a great day. Plus the kids were on their best behavior all day long! What else could I have asked for?

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