Friday, December 11, 2009

Papaw, Pinkeye and Pancakes

All week long, Nathan has been so excited for today. This morning at school he was going to have breakfast with Santa with Papaw as his special guest. He wanted to show Papaw his classroom, his teacher, where he hangs his jacket and book bag. They were going to have a fine dining experience at his schools cafeteria and feast on cinnamon rolls, fruit cocktail and runny eggs. Papaw was even going to drive him to school. It couldn't get any better than that.
Then the unimaginable happened. He woke up this morning with the dreaded pinkeye. Oh the horror! His little heart was broken. No school today. No breakfast with Santa and Papaw. No cinnamon rolls. Tears started to stream down his face. Think fast mom, whatcha gonna do?
To fix the tears Papaw and I decided we could take the kids to McDonald's for breakfast and eat inside. They never get to eat inside, that's reserved for special occasions. Like today.
After eating three pancakes, some sausage, half of Papaw's biscuit and a big orange juice, Nathan's tears were all dried up and a huge smiled was plastered across his face, along with some syrup. Nathan declared this was a lot better than eating at school and we decided we need to do this more often. Brandon was a pretty happy camper too. He tagged along, ate three pancakes himself and guzzled an orange juice. He also has pinkeye. I'm sure we all looked pretty special this morning.
Thanks for the great morning Papaw. You helped turn a very bad day into a special treat for the boys and I.

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