Friday, December 18, 2009


This word should not exsist in my children's vocabulary. I know that is a horrible thing to think or even say out loud, but, dang! Why do my little boys want to grow up so fast? Nathan will be 7 yrs old in a few short days that cannot come fast enough for him. Baby Brandon will be 3 yrs old one month later. I know I sound like a broken record. I'm always wishing and hoping I could just freeze time so they'll stay little forever. But as hard as I try, they keep pushing foward. I guess I should be happy and proud that they are finding thier own way in life, it just hurts. Nathan has now decided that we don't have to tuck him into bed anymore and that he needs an alarm clock so he can get himself up in the mornings. Everything Brandon does, he has to do by himself. Don't dare try to help or WWIII will break out. Believe me. I've seen it for myself. It's not a pretty site!
Nathan knows our normal daily routine and has it down. I don't have to tell him to brush his teeth after breakfast or put his coat in the closet when he gets home.
I don't have to tell Brandon to put his underwear on under his pants anymore or not to brush his hair with his toothbrush. They do what they are suppose to do when they are suppose to do it.
Most days anyway.

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