Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun filled weekend

This weekend has been so much fun.
Friday I took the kids out on a lunch date. Just me and them eating chips and salsa watching the storm clouds rolling in. It was a fun treat.
Saturday started out slow but ended great. We started the day off cleaning the house and doing laundry. The kids were wanting to play outside but it was so hot and humid that only lasted a few minutes. So we called Nana and Papaw to see if we could come down and take a dip in their pool. We swam, they fed us and then we went to Ritter's for some frozen custard. It was good. Just ask Brandon, he tasted everyone's ice cream.

On Sunday we got to see Nana and Papaw again. We went out for lunch then they took Brandon to the Incredible Pizza Company to play games and I took Nathan to his friends birthday party. Then we went out for some more ice cream. Brandon tasted every one's ice cream again tonight. He thought it was just as good as the night before.
My boys were spoiled rotten this weekend. And they loved every exhausting minute of it!

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