Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No good horrible day

Two days ago I had to put Curly to sleep. Curly was Moe's brother. Curly and Moe. Two crazy silly dogs that touched our hearts and made us laugh.
Curly was a little over 14 years old. We decided over the weekend that before he got much worse and started to suffer to have the Dr look him over to make sure we were making the right decision to have him put to sleep. We knew there wasn't anything the good Dr of Beanbloosom could do, but you always hope. This past weekend was a rough weekend for Curly. He had lost control of his bladder, couldn't walk or stand without falling over and had stopped eating. It really sucks when your four legged babies get old and you have to make tough decisions about their fate.
But Curly had been good baby. He walked like Charlie Chaplin, loved to play tug a war with dirty old socks and would fall asleep in Brian's arms.
We'll miss you buddy. Go play with Moe, tell him we love and miss him too.

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Cindy said...

I'm so sorry...there is nothing worse than losing a treasured family pet.