Saturday, December 6, 2008


A part of our family has passed on. Yesterday I had to put Moe to sleep.
My scruffy old buddy had given me so much joy in the 11 years I had know him. The first time I met him and his brother Curly they were just 2 years old. Brian and I just started dating and he decided to introduce me to the "boys." They were tugging on an old sock, growling at each other like they were going to rip one another to shreds. They just looked at me from the corner of their eyes, neither one was going to give up that sock.
Moe has pulled some pretty good stunts over the years. He use to get mad at us when we would leave for work. So he would pull all of the pillows and cushions off the couch. Once he even pooped on the coffee table to get back at us for leaving. He got into big trouble for that one!
After he had enough of Curly playing with a squeaky toy, he would rip it open and take the squeaker out. Then to make sure we couldn't fix it, he would chew the squeaker to bits.
And his favorite treat has always been popcorn. He would sit at our feet, drooling on our toes, waiting for us to give in and finally give him some.
I'm going to miss my buddy. But I'm sure that where ever he is, he's gotten the spring back in his step and is eating popcorn until his little heart is content.


Ryan said...

Aw, I'm sorry for your loss. I just gave my two dogs hugs. :-(

Moe's eating all the popcorn he wants, now!

Mommy to Monkeys said...

Thanks Ryan.
By the way...I love the new pictures you posted!