Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Last night Nathan and I finally put up our Christmas tree. I was holding out, hoping that either it would put itself up or Brian would finally do it for me, but neither happened. So, last night after Brandon was sound asleep, I drug it out and put the mangy thing up. Nathan "read" the color coded directions and handed me the appropriate limb, what a big helper he is! Then I put our new multi-colored lights on, all 400 of them. Nathan is so proud and Brandon is totally amazed with the lights. "Yights...booo, reeee, wellow, geeeen....teeee!" Too bad he points to blue when he says green, but who cares, it's cute.
Nathan has been busy putting the finishing touches on his ornaments today so we can put them up tonight. I think this year we are going to have all home made ornaments on the tree. And I think they are all going to be on the upper half of the tree. Brandon has grabby little hands!
It actually looks pretty good. Now I kind of wish I would have put it up earlier. We'll just keep it up longer than we normally do. Instead of taking it down Jan 1st I keep it up until Jan 2nd!

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