Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas crafts

We have been keeping ourselves pretty busy the past couple of days. We have been making Christmas ornaments. Popsicle sticks, glue, markers and sequence, all that good stuff. Brandon's hands look like they've been tye-dyed. Nathan decided to glue his fingers together tonight (thank goodness it wasn't super glue). And my kitchen floor looks like 80's prom dress exploded.
Anyone what to come over and clean? Have you ever noticed how hard it is to sweep up sequence? It's nearly impossible to get them all up.
Tomorrow we are going to make a wreath or a tree to put on the front door. That's after I take down the turkey, of course. I'm so far behind on Christmas this year. I have two presents bought, no cards sent out, and our pathetic tree hasn't even been put up yet.
I'm kind of scared to put the tree up. Brandon is such a bulldozer that I'm fairly sure he will pull it down. So, that means no glass ornaments this year. Fragile and Brandon do not belong in the same room together.

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