Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All things Brandon

My little coconut head...he has a perfectly round hard head and brown fringe-y hair, just like a coconut. If you would thump it I'm sure it would sound like one too.

Harmonica man...trying to play a harmonica is kind of hard for a little one. So if it doesn't make sound why not make the sound for it. Have you ever heard a moose moan? I guess that's what Brandon thinks it should sound like.

oohhhoohhh...wiggle your fingers and say oohhohhh when daddy is lecturing at you. See how long it takes before he starts laughing and kissing your neck.

Coy boy...don't smile at Nana even though you've missed her all week. Once she leaves scream until your face is beet read and see how long it takes mommy to pull the car over. (2 blocks)

Ho Ho Ho...He'll say it but won't even look at the big guy.

Tv cleaner...why not just lick the finger prints off.

All aboard...sit in a box, cup your hand over your mouth, say "all aboard...choo...choo" and you've just done what Brandon has done most of this evening.

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