Wednesday, December 24, 2008

4:42 pm

Six years ago at 4:42 pm on December 23 something amazing happened. Nathan was born.
Yesterday my little man turn 6 years old. I wish I could just push a button and make him stay little forever. But he has reminded me over and over that he just needs to grow up. There are so many things that he wants to do. Walk on the moon, fly like Superman, be a race car driver. So, I guess I must let him grow.
Last night we had a small birthday party for him. Pizza, bread sticks with cheese and an Incredible Hulk birthday cake. He got everything from a scooter to a crazy remote control Shell Shocker thing to his own wallet complete with McDonald's "credit cards."
After the green icing was brushed from his teeth and the sugar rush had finally subsided, we curled up in bed and read a bedtime story.
Thank goodness he isn't too "big" to snuggle with mommy. I think my heart would have physically broken if he had.

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