Friday, December 19, 2008

Sweet Torture

Nathan's birthday is coming up in four days. So what does every soon to be six year old need? That's Incredible Hulk birthday cake complete with green icing and big number 6 candle on top!
While Nathan was looking through the catalog of cake designs, Brandon had plans of his own. He had his chubby little face plastered to the glass case of fancy deserts. "Bite...Bite...BITE" I'm sure everyone in the whole store heard his pleads. There were dogs made of icing, cupcakes, cookies, fruit tarts, anything and everything a little boy would need to satisfy his sugar cravings. The bakery guy felt so sorry for him that he gave both the boys a couple of cookies.
In the end we walked out of the store with four free cookies, a drooled covered size two t-shirt and an Incredible Hulk cake ordered.
Good times!

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