Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The boys woke up to snow yesterday. Oh the excitement! You would have thought it was Christmas morning from the squeals and giggles coming from them. It didn't snow much, just enough to get two little boys excited for the possibility of more to come.
Brandon and I sat at the back door and watched the snow flakes float down. Last year he was barely 1 when it started snowing, so he could have cared less about it. But this year is a whole different story. Amazement was in his eyes until I put a little of it in his hands, then he wanted nothing to do with it. "Told...told!" (cold...cold!) was all he could say. Then he ran to get Nathan out of bed to show him what was going on outside. Nathan came running out of his bedroom, still half asleep, then screamed "SNOOOOOOOOOOW!" He begged to go outside to play in it, there was barely enough to cover a blade of grass. I told him once it snowed enough to make a snow ball then we would go out to play in it.
After we ate some breakfast, I made some hot chocolate and we watched it snow some more. Nathan asked a hundred times if we have everything we need to make a snow man. I assured him that we would be fully prepared before it snowed a whole bunch.
Then he asked one more time just to make sure.

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