Saturday, June 19, 2010

It has a cooler!

On Brian's last day off this week he spent about 7 hours looking for a new vehicle. I hate looking at cars so I stayed home with the kids. Plus every time Brian has taken Nathan with him in the past, Nathan informs the car salesman what's wrong with our current car. He's our little honest Abe.
So after all the looking, test driving and paperwork Brian came home with a huge SUV. It really isn't that big. But compared to his Intrepid a Trail Blazer is huge. We had to take the kids for a little joy ride that night to get the boys approval. They love it. When we turned the air conditioner on Nathan blurted out "Woohoo it has a cooler!" The air conditioner did not work in Brian's Intrepid so this is exciting news. Then when we got home Brandon begged me not to take his car seat out of the new car. He didn't want to go back to riding around in my van. I don't blame him. I don't want to ride around in my van anymore either. My van sucks compared to Brian's new toy. But my van is almost paid off, so I have the feeling I'll be driving it around until the wheels fall off.

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Cindy said...

Sweet looking vehicle!