Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back home again

We are back home from Vegas. Actually we have been for the past few days but we are finally back to our regular scheduled programming. We are unpacked, laundry somewhat caught up, Brian is back to work and Nathan is back to school, I'm back to being "just a mommy" and not a jet setting diva and Brandon is back in my arms.
We had such a great time in Las Vegas. Nathan loved all of the glitz and glamour that goes with Vegas. He was amazed that you could see everything from flamingos to pyramids in one town. Plus as an added bonus family that he doesn't get to see that often was there. He was one happy little man.
We went out there for Brian's step-brother's wedding. It was so beautiful. Nathan thought that Jen looked like a princess and couldn't wait to give her a hug. And once he got his hug he didn't let go. I think he has a little crush on his new aunt. It was a great wedding and a very fun weekend.
It's nice be home though. It was extremely hard being away from Brandon. I don't think that is going to happen again for quite awhile. I only cried once but I had to call at least three times a day just to hear his voice. My mom and dad had a lot of fun watching him but he wore them out. Once Brandon wakes up he doesn't stop moving until he goes to bed that night! He is a handful to say the least. So even if I did want to get away without him, I don't know if I would have my same babysitters! It may take them a full year to recoup.


Cindy said...

It was wonderful to see the three of you in Vegas. It all was such a whirlwind and went by so fast. Nathan was so well behaved. I love that little guy!

Mommy to Monkeys said...

It was great getting to see you too. Nathan got the evil-eye from Brian before the wedding so he knew he better act good or else! : )