Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Over 30

I'm now considered "over 30." I don't like that. Turning 30 did not bother me at all, but now that I'm over 30 it is starting to sting.
I'm 31...ouch. See it hurts a little, like taking off a band-aid.
Even though this birthday hurt a tiny bit it was still a good day. I made the most yummy oatmeal cookie pancakes that I slathered in butter and drowned with maple syrup. Brian gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers every shade of pink. The boys sang Happy Birthday all day long which was really cute. I got calls from friends and family wishing me well. And my parents treated me to a steak dinner and strawberry shortcake for dessert.
It took the edge off.
Tomorrow I will be 31 years old plus 1 day. I'm going to wake up early, run off the pancakes, steak and strawberry shortcake, smell my flowers and kiss my kids. Life goes on but I think next year I'm going to turn the clock back and turn 30 again.

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