Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bowling Balling

Nathan's first field trip was yesterday. They got to go "bowling balling" as he calls it. I tagged along as a chaperon and had such a blast. Nathan and 3 of his friends were my responsibility. I didn't loose anyone and no one got hurt...mission accomplished.
After getting everyone laced up in their snazzy neon bowling shoes off we went to launch a 6 pound ball down a slippery lane. Nathan was the first one to figure out why we said "don't go past this line" pointing to the line at the beginning of the lane. He took a few steps past the like and busted his butt. "Wow, that is slippery! You weren't joking!"
All of the kids had their own technique of getting the ball down the lane. One would walk up to the line and gently push the ball. It would slowly roll and barely tap the pins hard enough to fall over. Another one of the girls would toss it like a basketball and it would bounce a time or two. Nathan tried a few different ways and finally decided that if he would stand sideways and throw it he could knock down the same three pins every time. And the other boy in our group would run and scream then launch the ball like a rocket down the lane. I laughed so hard I cried.
We all had such a great time bowling balling the afternoon away.

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