Friday, April 3, 2009

Play dough

Kids and play dough go really well together, for the most part. My boys squeal with excitement when we pull the colorful containers out to make everything from pizza to worms, and sometimes worm pizza. Last night we had a pretty hefty thunderstorm and to keep their minds off the thunder and lightening I got out the trusty old play dough. They played through the storm and then some.
This morning my kitchen floor looked like rainbow confetti, even though I swept up the mess last night. I enlisted Brandon to help me pick up the little pieces, which turned out to be a bad idea. Brandon decided to make little play dough balls and stick them in his ears.
Play dough balls in the ears.
Call the doctor.
After the nurse stopped giggling, she told me to come in. So off to the doctors office we went.
Turns out the play dough fell out before we got there so all is well. I'm going to put the play dough up for awhile though.


Cindy said...

This is right up there with beans in the nose. I think doctors offices all experience these "fun" momments with parents. Kids will always be the same!

Mommy to Monkeys said...

I know! Nathan had a thing about putting bubble gum up his nose. Crazy children...