Thursday, September 11, 2008

Banana's and Pizza

This morning Brandon had to take a bath. Why? Because he decided to wear his banana instead of eating it. I gave him a banana to eat, like I do most mornings, while I fix his and Nathan's breakfast. This will usually tie him over for a few minutes until I get everything else ready. When I turned around to give him the rest of his breakfast I noticed that the banana was on his head, smooched into his hair and ears. Lovely! I scraped the banana paste off of him the best I could, fed him the rest of his breakfast (rather fast) and then dunked him in the tub. He thought it was pretty funny (so did I).
Tonight is pizza night! Nathan has been excited about this all day. Tonight after school we decided to make pizza pockets instead of just plain 'ol pizza. Crescent rolls + cheese + pepperoni= yummy!
Nathan was pretty impressed with himself. Brandon wasn't though. For some reason he didn't want pizza tonight so he fed the dogs his. That is going to tear their stomachs up in a few hours...not pretty!

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