Saturday, September 6, 2008

Road to recovery

What a day yesterday was. Nathan woke up w/ a high fever. Which meant no school (which broke his heart) and a lovely doctor's visit. Come to find out, he has an ear infection in both ears. He hasn't even complained about his ears hurting him. So, yesterday he laid around watching cartoons while Brian and I hovered over him w/ wet wash clothes, the thermometer and medicine. His fever finally broke around 11pm but Brian and I were still hovering over him all night long.
This morning he finally ate something and was ready to go outside to play. Maybe later this afternoon we'll take the kids to the play ground to burn some energy off and get some fresh air. We'll just wait and see how he feels.
Brandon's cold is almost gone now too. He's been running around the house like a crazed monkey today. Yesterday all he wanted to do was get in Nathan's face. He knew his bubba wasn't feeling well so he would rub Nathan's head and legs or try to sit on him. We ended up putting Nathan in our bedroom so he could escape Brandon and get some rest. It was cute though. Brandon loves his bubba!

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