Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dancing, Singing and Date Night

Yesterday was such a great day. Brian found a website that was basically a radio playing through our computer. The boys and I sang and danced the morning away while Brian took us on a flashback through the 80's. We had a blast! Then my parents (aka Nana and Papaw) came up and took the kids out to eat and to Gander Mountain. Then Nathan and Papaw put up a balance beam in the back yard while Nana and Brandon took a walk around the neighborhood. My children were sweaty, dirty and totally exhausted by the time Brian and I got home! Brian and I got to go to a movie (Tropic Thunder) and to dinner (Thai Spice). It was nice to get out of the house w/ just Brian, see a grown up movie and eat in peace. Even though our conversation always turned to the kids. How can we not talk about our kids. They are so funny and usually our only source of entertainment! Anyway, everyone have a very fun night.

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