Sunday, September 14, 2008

rain, rain go away....

Today it has rained and rained and rained. So that means we have been inside pretty much all day long. The kids get pretty restless if they are stuck inside for too long. So we have watched movies, cartoons, colored, played w/ play dough, played w/ blocks, made pancakes and fruit salad, ordered pizza, read books, and cleaned. And we I mean cleaned, that's me cleaning Nathan's room. His room has totally gotten out of hand. He has more toys than a toy store! So I made him pick six toys that he was willing to give away. Then after he picked those six, I went in behind him and picked another 20-30! Seriously! Then I vacuumed and dusted and re-organized everything. And after I was finally finished I made Nathan look at his room and threatened him if it doesn't stay like this I'm throwing all toys out! I really wouldn't do that, but he doesn't know that.
Before Brandon had to go to bed I decided to let the boys out for a few minutes. So we made an exciting trip to Kroger's to pick up some milk and water. When we came out of the store it was pouring rain. As we ran to the car we splashed through every puddle and caught rain drops in our mouths. Splashing in puddles...what gets better than that?

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