Sunday, September 7, 2008

Toys "R" Us and McDonald's rock!

Can a toy store and a happy meal make the world a better place? Apparently so, according to Nathan. Since he was sick and hardly ate anything for two days I thought a little McD therapy would do wonders for my little man. And boy did it work. Chicken nuggets, french fries, root beer and a silly little Star Wars bobble head must be the cure all for 5yr olds. After eating a meal fit for a king he was ready to get out of the house. So, Brian and I figured Toys R Us would be the best place for us to go. After looking at every toy in the store we walked out w/ a Scooby Doo Vsmile video game for Nathan, an Elmo phone for Brandon and a Ms pacman video game for Brian and I (heehee). We had a lot of fun looking at everything in the store and I got some birthday/x-mas gift ideas for the kids (that includes Brian). After our adventure to the toy store we stopped at YATZ to get Brian and I some yummy Cajun food. We didn't think the kids would eat it but, man oh man, they inhaled that stuff. I guess shopping for toys makes little boys hungry!
Thanks Toys "r" Us and McDonald's, you rock!

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