Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sick little man

Poor Nathan came home from school this afternoon with a temperature of 102.3! This morning he was fine. I took him to the dentist for his check up and cleaning. He was so excited that he got two stickers and a new Cars tooth brush. He seemed a little tired before heading off to school but I thought that was just because he woke up early. When I picked him up from school he looked really tired and his eyes were bloodshot. I knew right then his must have a fever. He is such a champ though. He wanted nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with his daddy and eat kimchee and rice. So I ran to Mama's House to get some yummy Korean food while he watched X-Men and snuggled on the couch w/ Brian. His fever has went up and down all evening. But we are sure by tomorrow he will be fine. If not, we'll call the doctor and see what is going on w/ our little man.
I'll update more tomorrow.

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