Thursday, September 18, 2008

A day in the life...

I wake up to a little boy shaking the snot out of his crib, all the while yelling at the top of his lungs "!" I slowly crawl out from under my warm blanket and grab my little chunky monkey before he wakes up the rest of the house. How is it I'm the only one who hears a screaming child? Brian doesn't budge, Nathan is curled up in a ball, and the dogs are snoring. I'm the mommy, that's why. Brandon and I make some breakfast, milk for him, coffee for me. Nathan finally rolls out of bed with wild hair and blurry eyes. His little legs look extra skinny in his Batman pj's. After breakfast we channel surf to see what cartoon's are on. Thank goodness Tom and Jerry are his top choice this morning. I sat and watched some toon's for awhile w/ them, then it was time to wake the beast...aka Daddy. Daddy doesn't like to get up. Daddy is a little cranky this morning. Brandon's new trick is crowing like a rooster, so I sent him in to "doodle doo" daddy out of bed. That worked like a charm! We all get ready for the days adventure's. Daddy gets his spiffy police uniform on, Nathan gets ready for school, and Brandon and I have our "play clothes" on. And we're off...
After dropping Nathan off for school, Brandon and I make a quick trip to Wally World then back to the house for a nap, for Brandon not me. I mow the grass, do the dishes, fold laundry and call my mom. Brandon and I walk to school to pick up Nathan. As we walk back Nathan tells us all about his day at school. They were extra busy he said, they did "tons" of work today. I would love to be a fly on the wall in his class room. We ate dinner, played outside, took a walk around the neighborhood and had a snack this evening. Brandon soaked in the tub until he turned into a raisin. After Brandon was sleeping soundly, Nathan took his bath. He colored on the walls w/ his soap crayons, spiked his hair, blew bubbles and sang like no one could hear him. I love hearing him sing. He likes to make up his own songs, he has a wild imagination!
Daddy will be home soon. He usually comes home w/ great stories to tell us. Nathan asks him every day if he arrested anyone. If he does, Daddy becomes "Super Cop" but if he doesn't Nathan tells him that he was slacking! The three of us snuggle for a minute and then Nathan will go to bed. Brian and I get to have a few minutes to ourselves, I tell him about what the kids did today and what's going on for tomorrow. Then off to bed for me.
Tomorrow brings on a whole new adventure.

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