Sunday, September 28, 2008

A great end to the weekend

The boys and I had another great day today. We went to visit my grandparents and then Nana and Papaw. At my grandparents house they played with the famous marbles that have been around forever. (I remember playing with them when I was a kid.) Then Papaw took us on a golf cart ride around the orchard. These are not just any golf cart rides, these are semi-dangerous rides. We take sharp turns that sometimes seems as if we are only on two wheels, we go down a hill that makes it feel like we are going 100 mph. The boys and I squeal and giggle as if we are on a roller coaster ride.
We get to sit and talk to my grandmom and pop-pop, they marvel over how big the kids are getting and then stuff us with apple pie and ice cream. We say our goodbyes and head on over to my parents house where Nana is waiting on us with open arms and kisses. When Papaw gets home he makes some awesome hamburgers on the grill and we all stuff ourselves senseless. We take a walk, play, and look through all the goodies that Nana found at garage sales this weekend.
On our car ride home I figured the boys would pass out, I was half right. Nathan was out like a light within a few minutes but Brandon talked, sang and tried to wake Nathan up the whole way home. "Bubba. Bubba. Bubba. BUBBA!" Since Nathan wouldn't wake up, Brandon decided to sing his little heart out. "Lalalalalalala mommymommymommymommy BUBBA!" As soon as we get home and I turn the car off, Nathan wakes up and asked why I turned his song off. Which song would that be, the one Brandon had been singing or the one on the radio?

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