Friday, September 12, 2008

Sprinkles and Chocolate Cake

Today is Friday. Nathan loves Fridays. At school he gets to go to the computer lab, play on the playground (weather permitting) and have a Friday Super Snack. If he is good all week long he gets a special snack right after school. Today's snack was a small chocolate cake, that he got to make, decorated w/ star and moon sprinkles.
After the snack we all piled into the living room and watched Between the Lions (PBS cartoon), played w/ Brandon's Elmo phone and then I had to fix dinner to counter balance all that sugar we just enjoyed. On the menu tonight was fish, cottage cheese, apple sauce, cherry tomatoes and raspberry lemonade.
We all ran around the house chasing each other until none of us could breath anymore. Brandon told us "nite nite" went into his room and shut the door. So, after a quick bath, teeth brushed, pj's on and kisses gave, he was out for the count.
I have to say, for a rainy day we have had a lot of fun.

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