Thursday, September 25, 2008

My heart bleeds purple kool-aid

Yesterday was Brian's last day off for the week. He started back to work this afternoon. I hate our "Mondays." The kids really have bad daddy with-drawls and I do too. I don't know what it is, but we have such a hard time getting back into a routine. When daddy's home we just go w/ the flow, do whatever tickles our fancy. This past weekend was especially fun. We got to see Harmony (Happy birthday Harmony!), Uncle Joe, Aunt Lauren and our cutest little cousin Kelila (she's such a hoot!). Then last night we had a "thank you for letting us borrow your car... again" dinner with my parents. And we finally got Brian's car working right. So now the kids and I are back to our normal "without daddy mode" for the next 6 days. Do you feel sorry for us yet? I'm having my own pity party for myself right now. Would you like to join? I'll put on a pot of some good coffee (thanks dad) and make some banana bread.
Oh by the way, the "my heart bleeds purple kool-aid" title is courtesy of my dad. He use to tell me that all the time when I would whine and moan over stuff. Can you feel the love?

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