Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We should have named him George

Brandon has been so curious today. He has explored the entire house this evening. And while exploring he has gotten stuck in many things tonight. First he got his head stuck at the table. I have a Little Tykes picnic table in our kitchen that he and Nathan use. He was looking under the table and got his head stuck between the bench seat and the table. Then he put a sand bucket on his head and couldn't get it off. Next he stepped in that same bucket and got his foot stuck. The forth sticky situation was getting his head and half of his body out from in between the wall and his changing table. I don't know what sparked his curiosity tonight but it has been pretty funny. Well, for me at least. He hasn't thought any of it has been funny, but I bet he won't do it again!
My little Curious George...

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