Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fire Trucks and Army Soldiers

Today the little Harvey's and I went to a fund raiser. Our neighbors sister is the one that organized it, her son is autistic and they are wanting to raise some money for sensory integration rooms for their school. We had a blast. They got to climb on a fire truck and talk to the fire fighters. Nathan had to make sure that they knew his Uncle Eric is a fire fighter and wanted to know if they knew him. They didn't and Nathan wanted to know "why not?" Everyone should know Uncle Eric! Then he spotted the army guys and their army trucks. We ran (literally) over to them and climbed into the Humvee. They showed Nathan where the guns usually are and they all (including the soldiers) pretended to shoot the gun. Then Nathan wanted to know if they knew his"why not?" Everyone should know papaw too! Next he saw the bounce houses and ran (literally, again) over to them. Nathan climbed in and jumped like there was no tomorrow. Brandon wouldn't get in and wanted Nathan to get out immediately! "Bubba out! Bubba! OUT!" We ate hot dogs and chips, danced to the band, watched the square dancers do their thing, played games, ate popsicles, blew bubbles and let balloons go. Brandon's cheeks were getting really red so we decided to head home. After a 2 hour nap, the boys were refreshed and ready to go again. Unfortunately it has started to rain so we are confined to the house for the rest of the night. We'll see what type of mess we can make. I bet my kids can make a bigger mess than you can!

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