Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Green doesn't always mean go...

Today on the car ride home from school Nathan informed me the he got in trouble at school today. Most children wouldn't volunteer this information freely but my boy cannot keep a secret (he gets that from me). Our normal after school conversation includes questions like "how was your day?'', "did you have fun?", "what was the best part of your day?". After these questions are answered Nathan will usually fill me in on all the other stuff they did during the day. But today he got quiet. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him looking out the window, quietly. First off, Nathan is never quiet. My little social butterfly is always talking. I ask him if he is ok. He responded with a small "yes" and then got quiet again. All of a sudden he started spilling his guts. "Mommy...I got in trouble today. " He got in trouble for, what else, talking. His teacher has a stop light system in their room. Everyone starts off on Bravo blue, if you get told once to stop doing something and you don't listen then you get put on the green light, followed by yellow and then red. Nathan got put on the green light. His little heart was broken. As we pulled into the drive way he begged me not to tell daddy. I told him I wouldn't tell daddy, but he had to. Oh, the horror! He walked into the house with his head down and proceeded to tell daddy what happened. Brian had a firm talk with him about listening and being good at school. Then the worst punishment ever was handed out...he had to call Nana to tell her what he did. Nathan and Nana are extremely close. The sun rises and sets in Nana's eyes. Nana could do no wrong, Nana is the bomb! I get my phone and tell him to call her. His eyes get big and he pleads with all of his heart "don't make me tell Nana!" Sorry Charlie. He dials her number and tells her all about his day, except the part about getting into trouble. He tells her bye and hands me the phone, I hand it back to him, he tells her with tears in his eyes. He promises her he will never do it again, tells her he loves her and then runs to his room. He was more heart broken to tell Nana than scared to tell his daddy. I don't know if that is sad or just sweet.

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